30/05/2012 By Dirk 0

AIRS User Interface now in tabbed View!

The new version of AIRS (V2.1) is now available on Google Play! The user interface has now been changed to a tabbed view, making the navigation simpler. With that, AIRS is now fully activity-driven. As a consequence, rotation is supported, i.e., you can use AIRS in portrait or landscape mode in all screens!

Other changes include the ability to synchronise AIRS local recordings while an AIRS recording is running! The currently recorded file is excluded from the synchronisation and will show up in the list once the recording will have stopped. Also, the general as well as the handler-specific settings are now joined into a single menu to simplify configuration.

In addition, the online visualisation has been improved. It now shows the current location in addition to the recorded GPS track. Buttons on the top right allow for centering on either the current or the last recorded location.

Last but not least, you can now access the AIRS online manual from the main screen (use the far most right tab). In an embedded web view, the online manual will be displayed, provided you have connectivity available.

Have a look at the new UI:

If you like the new UI, press the +1 button in Google Play!