31/08/2012 By Dirk 0

Weather Provider Changed in AIRS

AIRS provides the means of recording the current weather at the current location you are at (within intervals you can set). Until V2.2.6.2, AIRS used the Google Weather API. While not being officially documented by Google, it has been used for many projects, including AIRS, for various purposes.

Unfortunately, Google decided to kill the API support, as reported in TheNextWeb. It is unclear why this happened now but it seems to be related to the demise of iGoogle. The silent discontinuation also meant that the weather ‘sensors’ (e.g., VI or VT) have not been working for some days now – my apologies for that.

Since V2.2.6.3, AIRS has changed its weather provider  to WorldWeatherOnline. Its API is free and it provides similar information as Google used to provide (there’s even pressure and other information, which isn’t yet supported in AIRS).

I hope that this change will work for some time to come but I will observe the service’s reliability and accuracy. Given the dependency of this information on external providers, I cannot guarantee that this information will always be accurate or even available. I hope that you will understand this and help me improve AIRS by providing feedback on your experiences regarding the data being provided by sensors such as VI, VT or other weather sensors.