07/04/2023 By Dirk 0

Restarting my Blog

These days, I spent some time putting stuff together in what I have done over the past three or so years, pretty much since I left the UK and joined Huawei Research in Germany.

The result is an updated Research page on my website and publications as well as presentations brought up to date.

But I thought that this should not be all. Although I do use LinkedIn for the odd announcement of work, I thought that I should re-start and use my blog more for doing so, at least complementing the mainstream and centralized (professional) social media platforms.

So this is the restart with more blogs expected to follow. What can you expect? I will be moving away from previous mobile application topics (still using the Storica application although long banned from the Google PlayStore) and will likely focus on rambling, future internet and the new IETF category. Here, you will find more current work, musings and direct pointers to ongoing activities.

So stay tuned…