26/07/2020 By Dirk 0

Download Storica now on my website

Google has become increasingly more restrictive when it comes to logging information pertaining to your life. The most recent one I need to circumvent was the logging of calls and SMS. Never mind if you publish one of the many ‘dialer’ programs but if you do it for a lifelogger, it will not be allowed. My workaround was to publish a version of Storica that did not ask for SMS and call access in the permissions but then downloaded, after confirmation from the user, a version from my website that had those additional two permissions – all with runtime permission request, nothing shoddy.

However, Google found out and delisted Storica from the Playstore as a consequence. Now, I would need to upload an entirely new version, remove the offending permissions for good, …

I have instead decided to keep the application off the playstore and upload the latest version simply here on my website. That removes, of course, the ‘trusted’ Playstore protection (as much as you can trust it) but it makes my life much easier.

So for those who still use Storica and would like to have the latest version, you can not download it from the website here. Enjoy!