Large scale Publish/Subscribe

Inspired by my work on wireless sensing and by discussions with Pekka Nikander and others, a growing activity in my research focusses on the viability of publish-subscribe as a possible replacement for the IP send-recv model in the current Internet. Driven by the largely publish-subscribe nature of many existing and contemporary applications but also by considerations in the privacy and security space, my research focusses on issues to be addressed when considering such radical change in the overall Internet and its underlying paradigms. The issues revolve around questions on identity (both description as well as management), privacy and security (trust being central here), naming and addressing on internetworking layer, the nature of layers in a largely publish-subscribe world in the first place, scalability of solutions, and the impact on existing applications and services, to name only a few areas. My work in this area is largely conducted within the PSIRP project and its successor, the PURSUIT project, as well as in the Communications Futures Program at MIT, in particular within the Privacy & Security working group.